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Classic Custom Car Photography & Video

Classic Custom Car Photography Videography for your pride and joy

Capturing Classic Custom Car Photography & Videography

A Passion for Automotive Artistry

Creating classic custom car photography and videography is not just a job for me—it’s my true passion. As an active member of the automotive world, I immerse myself in car shows, always accompanied by my own car and trusty camera.

Beyond Business: A Personal Dedication

For me, this venture extends beyond mere business. It’s a deep-seated passion that fuels my drive to capture the essence of each vehicle. Every car represents a piece of our history, meticulously designed with style that resonates through the ages and guides us into the future.

Preserving Automotive History in Visual Form

My ultimate goal is to immortalize these automotive treasures through captivating images and bring them to life in print. I strive to produce photographs and videos that fellow enthusiasts can proudly display, allowing them to express their unique style. When you work with me, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Uncompromising Quality and Pride in our Work

Superior Equipment and Impeccable Craftsmanship

At [Company Name], we are committed to delivering nothing short of excellence. We stand by our product, utilizing only the finest camera equipment, cutting-edge editing software, and top-notch printing services available in the industry.

Shared Pride in the Final Product

We understand that your car holds immense significance to you, and we share that sentiment. Just as you take immense pride in your vehicle, we take equal pride in the finished product we deliver. Our goal is to capture the essence and beauty of your car, presenting it in the most captivating way possible.

Creativity and Attention to Detail

To achieve extraordinary results, we employ a location set-up that includes strategically positioned off-camera flashes. This allows us to create stunning and creative lighting effects that accentuate the best features of your vehicle. Our expertise extends from eye-catching landscape images with carefully considered negative space, perfect for editors to utilize, to visually pleasing detail shots that captivate readers when featured in articles.

Broad Experience in Automotive Photography

As a seasoned freelance photographer, I have had the privilege of photographing a diverse range of vehicles for numerous esteemed publications. This experience has honed my skills and provided me with a deep understanding of how to bring out the best in each automobile.

Rest assured, when you choose Caprice Media, you can expect a superior level of quality and a dedication to capturing the essence and beauty of your vehicle like never before.

These include Cruzin, Street Machine, Australian Muscle Car and Just Autos

Video for the automotive enthusiast!

As a participating fan of our modified and classic car scene both in Australia and overseas, I saw the opportunity to create a YouTube channel to capture our colourful automotive scene.

From the colourful characters who own and build these unique and iconic machines through to the events that showcase the quality and variety of the two and four wheel works of art, we have over 40 episodes equating to hundreds of hours for your viewing pleasure.

Classic Custom Car Photography Videography | Caprice Photography Automotive Art

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Photographing your pride & joy

Professional Car Photography: Showcasing Your Ride

Capturing the Essence of Your Vehicle

Your car is more than just a mode of transportation—it’s a reflection of your passion and dedication. When it comes to photographing your cherished vehicle, every detail matters. The right angles, color accuracy, and backdrop selection all play a crucial role in highlighting your car’s unique characteristics.

A Classic Car Owner’s Perspective

As a fellow classic car owner, I fully understand the significance of capturing your ride in its best light. I have a deep appreciation for the skill and craftsmanship that went into creating your car’s finish. With my expertise, I can bring out the true beauty of your vehicle, providing you with a stunning range of images that will become a spectacular memento to proudly display on your wall.

Proven Track Record in Automotive Photography

As an experienced automotive freelance photographer, my work speaks for itself. I have contributed to various popular magazines, showcasing my ability to capture vehicles in their full glory. You can witness the quality and artistry of my work through the examples displayed on this page.

Contact Me for Attention-Grabbing Photography

If you desire attention-grabbing photography that truly captures the essence of your pride and joy, I invite you to get in touch. We can discuss your specific requirements and how you envision your car being captured in photographs.

Comprehensive Photography Session

During our photography session, lasting two to three hours, I will meticulously capture your vehicle from various angles. This includes static shots to highlight its features, action shots to capture its dynamic presence, and detailed shots to showcase its intricate elements. Utilizing multiple lighting techniques, I will ensure that the best aspects of your car, truck, or bike are accentuated.

Disc of Lo-Res Images for Selection

Following the session, you will receive a disc containing a selection of low-resolution images. This allows you to conveniently choose the photos you would like to have printed, preserving the memories of your exceptional vehicle.

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