Mastering Instagram Reels: | Can Reels be good for your business marketing?


In today’s fast-paced digital world, traditional marketing methods have evolved, and social media plays a significant role in reaching customers. Instagram, with over one billion monthly active users, has emerged as one of the most popular platforms for brand marketing. Mastering Instagram Reels by utilizing different internal platforms within Instagram, such as posts, stories, and Reels, can effectively support the sales funnel process and build customer relationships.

Understanding Reels

  • Reels are short, entertaining videos similar to TikTok but with a wider audience appeal.
  • A vertical format is preferred for Reels, but traditional video formats can still be used.
  • The limited space in the vertical format requires keeping the subject in the screen throughout the 15-second limit.

What’s the best way of utilising Reels?

Utilizing Reels for Brand Awareness

  • Reels are not meant for direct selling but rather for informing, entertaining, and educating.
  • Keep the content simple to avoid confusion and ensure the message is clear.
  • Take advantage of the increased space above and below for concise and impactful text.

Enhancing Reels

  • Adding audio to Reels is crucial, as users generally activate the audio while viewing.
  • You can use your own audio or select from the available audio tracks provided by Instagram.
  • When posting a Reel, choose a captivating cover pic to grab attention quickly.
  • Include a text description and relevant hashtags to provide more context and increase discoverability.

Posting your Reel

So, how do you rank for Reels?

Caprice Media strategy

Tracking Metrics and Boosting Exposure

  • Instagram Insights provides trackable metrics to assess the performance of your Reels.
  • Metrics include comments, likes, saves, and reactions.
  • Creative content, shares, and the use of trending audio tracks can boost exposure.
  • Saving trending audio tracks for future Reels can increase visibility.
  • Posting Reels 4-7 times per week can improve ranking and engagement.


Creating engaging Reels tailored to your audience and leveraging the features offered by Instagram can help increase brand awareness and drive results. Remember, good content that resonates with the right audience, in the right format, and with proper optimization, can yield a high return on your investment of time and effort. Start exploring the exciting possibilities of Instagram Reels for your brand today!