Instagram Reels for brand awareness | Can Reels be good for your business marketing?

Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels for brand awareness.

In our ever changing, fast paced digital world, the way we used to market our business has all but disappeared. We have progressed from an interruptive style of marketing such as advertising on TV and radio to a permission style of marketing.

I’m sure many of you are well aware of this style of marketing. So I won’t delve into what it all means except to say that social media is at the forefront of this new discourse. Instagram is fast becoming one of the most popular platforms, currently the sixth largest social network with over one billion monthly active users. It would be foolish of us to ignore its potential for customer relations building.

From posts to stories to Reels, each internal platform has its own merits and when utilised right, can serve us well throughout the sales funnel process.

Let’s focus on Reels.

A Reel is designed to be a short, entertaining video much like TikTok but to a wider demographic. Aadm Mosseri, head of Instagram wants to go big on video as a direct challenge to TikTok. Reels is where you can introduce yourself, entertaining aspects of your business or simply delight a global audience with an interpretation of your day to day life. This is not the platform to sell but rather to inform, entertain and educate.

What’s the best way of utilising Reels?

When it comes to Instagram Reels for brand awareness, Reels is best viewed as a vertical format. Now that doesn’t mean you can only use your phone in order to create a reel. Traditional 4:3 or 9:16 format videos can be still used and simply need to be edited accordingly. 

The vertical format sees your space normally allocated for your subject is drastically limited when we’re used to dealing with landscape format.

But that’s ok, it’s just a matter of making sure your subject is in screen for the duration of the 15 second limit.

Keep it simple too. Putting in too much content will see your engagement with your audience greatly diminished due to confusion and the loss of the overall message you want to get across.

The bonus with vertical format is you now have greater space above and below for your text. Again, keep it simple as you only have a short time for them to read your message. Keep it succinct and to the point.

Adding audio to video goes without saying. While we know many platforms are scrolled through in silence, Reel users will activate the audio. It’s a major part of the content’s attraction. You have the ability to add your own audio when editing or you can choose one of the many audio tracks supplied by Instagram themselves.

Posting your Reel

When posting your Reel, make sure to take advantage of the ability to choose your cover pic and choose one that will create intrigue. It’s a fast flowing platform and you’ve only got a second or two to grab their attention.


You can add a text description to further inform your viewer about the concept of the clip you’d like them to grasp. Adding hashtags will also allow audiences to find your Reel amongst other relatable clips.


Reels also have trackable metrics which you can find in your insights. These metrics are displayed in numerical order giving you the ability to see what’s working for you and what’s not. The metric scale can be set to seven different preference ranging from comments, likes and save through to Reels reactions.


So, how do you rank for Reels?

Caprice Media strategy

Aside from the obvious, creative content gets attention and generates interest. Shares will in turn boost your exposure, according to SEJ (Search Engine Journal), if you use an audio track from a trending Reel. It will help boost your Reels’ exposure. This is accomplished by checking out the angle of the arrow located at the start of the audio track title. Simply click the up angled arrow and save the audio for your next Reel.

Another way of boosting your ranking is to post 4-7 times per week although you’d want to have plenty to say and display to be that active. In the end, good content created for the right audience in the right way will deliver you the return on your time you’ve invested into this form of marketing. It can also be great fun too.

Time to start creating Reels for your audience!