Using pictures in social media marketing

Getting all choked up? Using pictures in social media marketing will alleviate the strain!

Using pictures in social media marketing for your campaigns.

Do you feel strangled with your social media marketing?

Making your event or brand photos work for you

What do you do with that disc of pics just delivered to you?

Make them work for you, that’s what!

With so much content and social media activity passing through the digital networks these days, it’s become very challenging and time consuming to get your company’s story out there through using social media marketing. All these networks are like Times Square times a million when it comes to advertising! Our eyes dart over the many dizzying images and text barely taking in what we just saw. But what does stop us in our finger flicking tracks? Strong visual content!

Good content is the start of a strong marketing campaign and if it’s not firing up your audience then it’s not creating interest in your business. So how do we fire up your audience?


Using pictures in social media marketing

Signage and action adds to good advertising thanks to using pictures in social media marketing

Let’s face it, social media is here to stay and those who know how to utilize its services to their advantage through using pictures in social media marketing will prosper! As we scroll down our Facebook and LinkedIn walls or check out the Pinterest boards and Instagram pics, follow the retweets and Blogs during our short breaks at work or ad breaks on TV, we only stop to check out what catches our attention. With so many red eyed Iphone pics and blurry Android pics instantly flooding our walls, we find ourselves ho-humming through the posts not even pausing for a “like” or “thumbs up”! Text posts? No time to read that! Nothing has a greater impact on social media than a visually stimulating strong image, one that stops people in their scrolls and makes them touch the screen to enlarge for a closer look! Well done, you’ve grabbed their attention and have them paused long enough to interact with your post! Even just a “like” is a positive call to action in this fast paced world of ours!

Using pictures in social media marketing

Say it with volume thanks to your ability to using pictures in social media marketing

Grabbing the attention!

But where did the image come from? What was it about the image that made them stop? The people in it? What they’re doing? The background or shear vibrancy of the photo? Generally, it’s all of these aspects brought together in a sharp professional photo taken by one who is experienced in capturing the moment at the right angle instantly telling us what’s going on in the scene thus grabbing our undivided attention long enough to leave a digital reaction!

Our brains are wired to process visual images 60,000 times faster than text messages. Think about it, 90% of what we say is communicated through facial expressions, it’s a natural human activity. We see a picture and we instantly shape a story about that image faster than any text message can. The social media gurus know this which is why web posts with images have 180% more traffic than those without.

Using pictures in social media marketing

Work with the traffic and make it count!

Social media photography

As a professional photographer in this digital era, I believe I too play a much larger role in your business interests than just taking the photos and passing them on to you. These days I’m required to be more than just a photographer but also a social media virtuoso as well!  It’s in my best interest to see you succeed utilizing my images to your company’s advantage. Social sharing has become more important than ever now and it’s vital that your content is interesting enough while staying relevant to your business that your audience shares it to their social media platforms.

Don’t look at it as marketing but as creating an emotional contact with your audience. People will share your content because they identify with it and with you. When people love a product or company, they like to let their friends know and they accomplish this by sharing the image and it is through this simple action of clicking one of your embedded social sharing buttons that they let their friends know they support your brand. 70% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on what they see is being shared!

Using pictures in social media marketing

Set your social media plan alight!

Google has changed the rules! Again!

As of the 21st of April, Google has decided to revise the way it ranks websites and has now put a greater emphasis on site with a loyal following. Good SEO isn’t enough anymore, we need our supporters of our products, brands and services to show their support. And how can we best do that? By entertaining them with who we are and what we do and I believe that is best achieved through quality photography of the human side of your business. Remember, create that emotional attachment and they will follow us through this ever growing social stratosphere!

Agree? Disagree?

Have you posted an image that hits the heights of the digital world?

What images have grabbed your attention in the last 24 hrs?


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