When it comes to understanding Instagram insights, the information you take from the metrics goes a long way to assisting the direction your video marketing strategy takes. Instagram has got some great metrics you can use to check out what’s going on.

So I’ll step you through understanding Instagram insights and how to find them.


This is my Caprice Photography Automotive Art page which I will use as an example.

There are 3 different locations in which you can access your insights on your Instagram page.

So you go to your account. And head into insights. Now you can see the insights overview.

Finding insights
Insights along with other options

you can change from seven days to 14 days to the last 90 days.

You can delve deeper into the metrics by clicking on the area you want to see it brings up a much more detailed view where you can see content type, top posts, top stories, impressions profile activity profile visits, etc.

Delve deeper into the metrics

We can also go into your audience to see your growth. The locations. The age range, the gender, and most active times which are, which is great to help for posting.

Location, age group, gender, active time of day and hours

So you can go what days are most active, or down to the hours and we can see that 6pm On Fridays is when my audience is most active on my page.

Top posts, growth, impressions

You can also see what particular posts have worked best for you. With these metrics, you’re able to design future posts along similar ideas. If it works, run with it.

So that’s definitely a great way of keeping an eye on how your strategic photos and videos are traveling, or doing.

By following the information you take away from understanding Instagram insights, you’re decision on which videos to create for future posts will engage deeper with your audience.