What should you look for when hiring a professional photographer?

Does your hired photographer ask you details about the photography shoot before firing off the camera?

Hiring a professional photographer

Hiring a professional photographer means hiring a photographer with experience.

Do they ask what the images are to be used for before your event, commercial shoot or portrait session?

If not, how are they going to photograph and deliver to you or your media manager the images that you require?

One of the first questions you should be asked when hiring a professional photographer is “are the photos to be used for digital purposes or for printing purposes?” Both of these mediums require a different style of photography incorporating varied composure of the subject and surrounds. Print, for example, might be for brochures or flyers requiring a certain amount of negative space in the image for you or your media manager to utilise with headings and advertising information.

Hiring a professional photographer

professional photography for print media catches the eye which is what you get when hiring a professional photographer

What about the format of the print media? Is it a magazine, poster or lay-flat flyer? Is the magazine a traditional portrait style, coffee-shop popular landscape style or more of a square format? These are critical questions the photographer should be asking when shooting a cover shoot! It can save you and your staff many frustrating hours of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, so to speak.

If they are to be used for digital purposes such as website images or on the many social media platforms, there are different styles to take into consideration here too.

Website images need to work in with the parameters of your site, from the hero shot for your header page through to the preferred portrait style “about me” portrait image. The design of the website gallery might require an artist square format or maybe your own creative flare might like to utilise a more artistic mosaic style when highlighting the various appointments of the company’s business and assets. Most header images are much wider than their height and, when this is taken into consideration before the execution of the shot, can create eye catching results which, as you would know, can be very beneficial to the time a potential customer can spend on your business website.

Hiring a professional photographer

Today’s generation spend up to nine hours on social media! Hiring a professional photographer will ensure they pause long enough to take in your eye catching images!

When it comes to the fast pace world of social media, each platform has its own preferred way of displaying your images from Pinterest’s one image at a time to Slide-Shares’ multiple images stacked in a slide format.

Facebook albums work well to tell an overall story using numerous images, generally no more than ten to fifteen is seen as the preference when it comes to sustaining the viewer’s attention. Would one of those album images tell the story on its own or do you prefer to post single images at a time and therefore it’s important the photographer takes images that can accomplish the message you are wanting to pass onto your audience.


male statue, reading the paper

Captivated by the print media images perhaps? Great results will do this when hiring a professional photographer.

Pinterest images are displayed in columns so the portrait format works best on this platform by displaying five times larger than its landscape format counterpart.

Instagram images are square and, if not taken into consideration when photographing your event, premise or product, can crop out important parts of a great photo leaving the viewer wondering what they are looking at?

What about sizing and watermarks for the various social platforms, does your photographer know about each of these and can send you a file with your images already formatted and ready to go for your convenience?

Even after the shoot is completed, there are numerous decisions to be taken into consideration before sending you the final file or files of images. Do they know and understand what’s required for images used for printing purposes such as the correct dpi, colour specification and overall image size? Sure, they can send you the images as big as they come but it creates unnecessary down time as you or your media manager mess around with time consuming uploads if the images are not needed to be so large.



Hiring a professional photographer

The right shutter speed and aperture captures motion and lighting in a split second! This is what you should expect when hiring a professional photographer.

These are all questions to be asked by a professional photographer in today’s’ multi-media advertising landscape and can save you and your staff many hours which are better spent in other more important aspects of the business so does your photographer know what they are shooting for?

Do you have questions you’d like a professional photographer to ask you before starting a shoot?

How do you prefer to have your files delivered?

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